Hitching a Tuk sled

A unique experience only possible at this time of year!

Join us for a unique teambuilding and Christmas celebration experience in the heart of Lisbon.

Our customisable activity begins with a warm welcome and a brief orientation by our coordinator, who divides the teams and explains how the tablets work.

Each team, aboard a tuk tuk, sets off on an exciting adventure through the city, solving puzzles and challenges that take them to iconic Lisbon locations.

By scanning QR Codes, the teams accumulate points, take part in interactive challenges and immerse themselves in a journey of cultural exploration and Christmas celebration.

Whether recording “Merry Christmas” greetings in several languages or searching for the most beautiful Christmas decoration, this activity is a fun and engaging way to strengthen team spirit during the festive season.

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The Lucky Elf

Christmas Lottery ticket draw game.

The Lucky Elf character will be selling Christmas Lottery tickets and making a lucky draw to reward (or not) the teams!

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The Message of the Magus King

Christmas message challenge for the company.

The teams will be challenged by the Magician King to record a video with a very special Christmas message for their company.

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The Signal Reindeer

Sled signalling flag game.

Our Signalling Rena will show the teams how to communicate with real sledges, the kind that really fly. And she’ll test their ability to communicate with the signalling flags to pass the correct signals from the ground to the air!

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