3 programas de natal para acompanhar o seu jantar

Competing at the table

Which team is the smartest?

Mixing 3 programmes, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud and the famous general culture quizzes so popular on TV shows, we’ve prepared a special Christmas programme that will put your company’s knowledge, speed and team spirit to test!

Join us in fun, rivalry and those epic moments of guessing totally wrong answers, for a perfect Christmas!

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Wheel of Fortune

A game in which a Christmas-themed puzzle is presented and each contestant spins the wheel and asks for a letter.

As the contestants match the letters in the puzzle, they appear and the team that finds out what’s written in the puzzle first wins the round.

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Family Feud

In this game, the teams will be presented with questions about Christmas that have been asked in “quiz” mode to a group of people, and the teams will have to guess what the most common answers were.

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The Guilty and the Winner

The Quiz game will test the teams’ Christmas knowledge with a series of multiple choice questions that the contestants will have to answer and get right!

Over the course of several moments we’ll play different games, with Christmas-themed challenges and questions, always changing the tone of the contest and allowing teams with different talents to shine.

The fact that each contest/game will only take 30 minutes will allow us to keep the energy high and vary the interactions enough to avoid any shadow of monotony.

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