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Criminal Investigation

It’s all in your hands!

Someone has killed Santa Claus and only with your help will the famous Inspector Sherlock Holmes be able to successfully carry out this criminal investigation! Each team will be responsible for questioning one of the suspects in this crime and everyone involved will be crucial to finding out who the culprit was.

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The rules and structure of the game will be explained to the participants before the activity begins. The game begins with a briefing from Sherlock who will explain to the teams what is known so far about the murder of Santa Claus.

The suspects are presented with a brief biography and important facts about each one. Was it Mummy Christmas, jealous of the extra hours Father Christmas was working in the toy factory? Or Rudolph the Reindeer, tired of pulling the sleigh?

Players must be attentive to every detail of the investigation as their role is to help Sherlock Holmes solve this crime The group will then be divided into teams and assigned to interrogation tables to help question the suspects.

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The Interrogation

While our Sherlock Holmes follows an important clue to solve the case, the participants are responsible for interrogating the suspects in the crime.

The investigation teams that have already been assigned will only have one suspect to question.

All team members must ask the suspect at least one question.

This is the time to try to extract all the information and realise whether the suspect’s alibi is valid or not! All the information you manage to extract from the suspect must then be summarised by a team spokesperson for the rest of the participants.

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The key clue

Once the interrogation time is over, the team will receive an encrypted clue that is crucial to solving the crime. However, to get it, they must first solve the riddle in the time they have left. The teams that succeed in solving the riddle will have access to confidential information and must not divulge the contents of the clue to any other team in order to use this trump card as an advantage to win the game.

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The investigation

When interrogation time is over, all the teams will be called together by our Sherlock to share the balance of their investigation.

One by one, the spokespeople from each team will be asked to summarise the information they have managed to extract from their suspect. Only the team’s spokesperson should tell the rest of the participants the conclusions of their team’s interrogation.

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The vote

Based on the summaries of all the teams, the team members must reach a consensus and vote for the suspect they think is guilty.

Participants from the teams that solved the riddle of the key clue will have extra information to help them make their final decision. Those who failed to solve the riddle will have to rely solely on the information from the interrogations given by the spokespeople from the other teams.

In addition, we’ll also ask you to vote for the team that best explained the results of their interrogation (they can’t vote for themselves for obvious reasons!).

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