A minute is an eternity

60 seconds is more than enough

Ready to challenge yourself?

The 60 seconds are ticking!

This is an adrenaline-fuelled activity where participants have to overcome challenges in just 60 seconds!

It’s a dynamic and interactive experience for participants who work well under pressure, but it’s also an interesting experience for those who don’t handle it well.

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What is included?

Boost guarantees participants in this activity a number of interactive challenges, as well as all the materials they need to successfully complete the activity.

More about this activity


Introduced by the charismatic and interactive moderator, who will explain the rules of each challenge to the participants, this activity will feature a series of challenges such as Egg Roll, where participants will have to move an egg with an empty pizza box; A Bit Dicey, where they will have to make a tower with 6 dice on an ice-cream stick, among many others!

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