Elf Bootcamp

This challenge is going to be a great trouble!

This special Christmas advent will challenge teams with 31 challenges, one for each day of the month!

In a kind of Elf Bootcamp, your team of elves has to prove that they have what it takes to help Father Christmas this Christmas!

An activity for groups that are competitive, confident and, above all, make a good team!

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The Briefing

After an unexpected welcome, Santa Claus will put the group in the right frame of mind for the mission, explaining to them that if they want to join his elite of elves, they must immediately start doing their best to solve the mission – a challenge in the form of an advent This is a real bootcamp!

Will they be able to join the elite Christmas elves?!

Teams will have 1.5 hours to achieve their goal of being the first to solve the 31 challenges of this special advent!

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The Missions

Each team will receive a gift box with 30 mini challenges and 1 final challenge!

A special advent containing a game for each day of the month!

The objective is simple Be the first to complete 31 challenges in less than 1.5 hours.

In order to reach the final goal, it will be crucial for the teams to help each other because the solutions to some of their puzzles will depend on information that may be in the boxes of other teams AND the final challenge depends on everyone’s collaboration!

This activity against time will have the right mix of stress, fun, difficulty and teamwork. No one will get to the end without the help of the other teams or by not helping the rest of the group!

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The Guilty and the Winner

The 31 challenges will be made up of the most varied types of games, from physical puzzles (origami puzzles, etc.) to riddles, maths puzzles, photo challenges, sudokus, all with a Christmas theme, all kinds of puzzles for all minds. No-one will be left out, from the language expert to the mathematical genius of the team.

But team interaction and mutual help will play a key role in this bootcamp!

The only chance of reaching the end of the box will be through division of labour, assertiveness, self-knowledge and intra- and extra-team cooperation.

And to win, the fastest team will need the help of the other teams, so that the final challenge, the big 31, can be solved and the winning team crowned!

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