Advertising Clip

Recording! Scene 1 -Take 2 … AND ACTION!

Let’s make magic with this programme.

Create a fantastic advertising clip!

In a personalised environment chosen by the client, the programme begins by defining the brief and the locations of the activity. The teams, guided by the coordinator, receive detailed instructions, with the crucial support of dedicated staff in choosing props and drawing up the script for the advertising clip.

Each team fulfils specific roles, such as actors, producers, technicians and others. This activity, which stands out for its flexibility, allows us to adapt to specific campaigns, emphasising the importance of creative freedom and collaboration between teams. On completion, our staff collects the materials used and reviews editing notes, editing the clips for presentation at a ceremony or to be sent to the client, which may include the presentation of awards at special events such as the Oscars.

Making an Advertising Clip

How does it work?

Participants begin this activity with the help of staff who will help them and give them a few tips. The teams receive a document that will act as a script. This document contains guidelines, ideas and space for them to write the script for their advertising clip.

What are we going to ask each team?

How does it work?

Each team will receive an object/concept related to Portuguese culture. This object is what they will try to sell in the commercial, but it must be related to the business of the client’s company.

The staff accompanying the group will help with the choice of scenery (as they are local staff), with tips on filming and with making the most of the resources available to the team.

What logistics are required?

How does it work?

Each team receives 1 bag containing materials and props that they can use, 1 Samsung Galaxy tablet, 1 clapperboard, 1 pen and chalk. The document that will serve as a script will help to guide the teams. In this activity, participants will have to be assertive when communicating, defining roles and carrying out the different tasks.

An all-in-one team-building.

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