Being Portuguese

A very Portuguese experience…

Do you think you have what it takes to be truly Portuguese?

An experience that’s gold on blue

Since only those who are in the convent know what goes on inside, we’ve created an experience that introduces our participants to real Portuguese popular culture!

We propose this challenge to the most curious participants who want to enjoy fun moments in the heart of Portuguese culture and who want to learn while exploring the most emblematic sites!

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What is included?

Boost ensures that all participants have access to the “action” locations via maps on the BoostApp tablet.

It also ensures all the organisation of the cultural and gastronomic experiences included in this activity, as well as any transport hire.

More about this activity


Participants will be split into teams and explained how the activity will work and the various points where they will have to stop.

After starting the activity and following the map that will be provided, participants will always find two teams at each station so that they can compete for victory and move on to the next station.

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