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At Boost we give priority to creating events that challenge our participants to develop a greater social awareness!

As well as being enriching on an interpersonal level, this type of experience allows participants to shed their preconceptions and empathise with their neighbours. In this activity, as well as getting creative to build and decorate toys, participants will be able to see the fruits of their labour donated to children who need it most!

Fancy getting down to work?

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What is included?

Boost provides all participants with the materials needed to build and decorate toys such as skateboards, bicycles, spinning tops and more.

More about this activity

How does it work?

In this activity, participants will have the opportunity to decorate and build these toys, bearing in mind that they will be donated to children in need. The organisation to which they will be donated can be random or chosen by the participants.

This activity can be complemented with the delivery of the toys to the chosen institution, right after the end of the activity.

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