Gastronomic traditions

A Christmas where everything is abundant!

Explore Lisbon in a unique way with our exciting team building activity. Clients have the freedom to choose the date, time and location for the event, adapting to your availability. The programme begins with a warm welcome from our Coordinator, who provides a briefing on the activity, explains how the tablet works and organises the teams.

The teams set off independently through the city, following personalised routes on the tablet. During the walk, they make 5 stops for tastings and have the opportunity to embark on a journey on the iconic Tram or one of Lisbon’s famous lifts, depending on the route chosen.

Using the tablet, the teams explore the city at their own pace, guided by a digital map. The tablet includes a digital camera to capture photo challenges and record videos, creating unforgettable memories of the experience.

At the end of the activity, we count up the points and send the final scores, along with all the photos and videos captured by the tablets via WeTransfer.

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Test the team’s general knowledge with questions about the culture and gastronomy typical of the festive season. Interact with the locals and develop strategies to answer correctly.

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Photo Challenges

Receive exciting tasks involving photo challenges, interacting with locals and creating original situations in the city’s emblematic spots.

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Video challenges

In busy areas, the teams are challenged to film short videos, such as singing a Christmas song as if they were at a concert.

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Trips by lift or tram

Don’t miss the chance to round off the experience with a trip on the typical yellow tram or lift, exploring Lisbon’s famous hills.

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