O escape game deste natal - desenhado para emrpesas

Christmas rescue mission!

Santa Claus has been kidnapped and his Factory has been sabotaged! Your team has been called on an Emergency Mission to find a way to open the Factory and rescue Santa before it’s too late!

The clock is counting down 60 minutes to overcome all the riddles and puzzles that will allow you to find the final code and fulfil the secret mission.

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Someone has sabotaged Christmas! Santa Claus has been kidnapped by an anti-Christmas mafia who have closed the factory and left a message warning that Santa will only be released if we manage to open the factory within 1 hour!

The Factory is locked with several high-tech padlocks and only a special Christmas Rescue Team will be able to decipher the riddles that open each padlock Can the special Christmas Rescue Team open the Factory in time to free Santa Claus and ensure that he and his faithful Elves make their usual gift-giving this year?

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Game Kit

In this programme, participants are invited to take part in a dynamic Escape Game in which, as a team, they will have to use materials to decipher riddles, codes and discover hidden clues.

Participants will be divided into teams of 5 to 7 people (this division can be made in advance by the client or will be made at random by our host during the briefing) and each team will have its own game box, crucial to achieving the objective of this challenge.

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The initial briefing will explain the mission and the rules of the game. Next, the groups will have to work as a team to solve all the challenges until they discover the codes for the 5 padlocks that open their game box and thus ensure that the Christmas Factory can be reopened and Santa released.

Following the first clue, the teams will have to figure out how to solve each puzzle using the game kits in their box. The teams will have to follow the sequence of the game, solving all the puzzles in their respective order until they reach the final code.

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