Five Eyes

Virtual Recruitment of Spies

Welcome Candidates!

Are you ready for the FIVE EYES online exam?

This is a demanding test of mental agility, lateral thinking and teamwork under pressure. Only those who prove their excellence in a set of skills and expertise will be certified as professional spies and selected to work in our top-secret organisation.

Does your team have what it takes to become special agents?


Gravação e Edição


Gravação de toda a atividade de grupo e edição do vídeo com prazo de entrega de 2/3 dias.

Convidados Especiais


Enriqueça a sua experiência com uma palestra sobre responsabilidade social abordada por um especialista.

Mystery Box


Receba uma caixa misteriosa com um desafio estimulante e divertido para resolver.

Pack Refeição


Torne a atividade com a sua equipa ainda mais especial, ao desfrutar de uma refeição completa com entrada, sopa, um prato principal à sua escolha, sobremesa e ainda uma garrafa de vinho.

Complement your experience / Group Activity with any of these unforgettable services.

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Identify and interpret

Analysing the clues in the mission file folder will make it easier to understand how they can help in each stage if you already know their content;

All the videos in the application will be vital to understanding the puzzle.

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Share Ideas and Opinions

Each player should look closely at the game content and materials to develop ideas about each clue. When sharing with their mates, they will be able to identify details they hadn’t seen before.

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Communicate, listen and execute

For every wrong answer or request for help, the team will suffer a penalty in the final score of the game, so it is crucial that you individually observe the information you receive, but only make decisions as a team and in full agreement with the rest of the team.

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