Five Senses

The challenge of the 5 senses

Lisbon delicacies team building atividade

A challenge to the 5 senses!

Ready to put them to the test?

Guided by their 5 senses, the participants will have to rely on their intuition to succeed in this mission!

Always guided by the BoostApp tablet, the teams of participants will pass through the 5 action zones, where they will have to put their sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch to the test by completing a series of challenges.

What is included?

Boost is responsible for providing all the necessary equipment and managing the logistics of this activity, so that participants can enjoy themselves for half a day, putting all five senses to the test.

At any of these points you’ll find Boost staff to help you with the most diverse challenges.


After the briefing by the coordinator, the teams will be able to follow the routes assigned to them, which they will access via the BoostApp.

In this application, which will appear on the tablet they will be given, they will be able to find the action zones they will have to visit around the city of Lisbon.

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