Master Command

Big Brother style but with a twist

A versatile experience

Will you accept the master’s challenge?

Master Command is an event that takes place against the backdrop of the city of Lisbon or Porto. Participants will be guided precisely by a master: they are invited to follow their route completely independently via the BoostApp, but always following the orders given to them remotely by the person watching them.

In this challenge you can experience exciting challenges such as TukTuk or Segway tours, among many team building activities!

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What is included?

This is a challenge aided by the BoostApp on the tablets that will be distributed to the participants.

The application will contain all the action zones, as well as challenges and experiences with which the participants will have to interact, commanded by the “master”.

More about this activity


This activity will begin after a briefing from the coordinator, who will explain how the activity will take place, as well as how the Boost app works.

Participants will follow the routes indicated on the tablets and the “master” will communicate with them through this medium, giving them access to clues, trivia and challenges!

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