The Other Side of the Mirror

You and your team will be travelling the streets of Lisbon to find all the pieces of the Queen’s mirror and reunite the missing characters from Wonderland!

O Outro lado Do Espelho - atividade de team builging outdoor. Escape Hunt Lisbon - Boost Portugal

An Outdoor Game

Sanity in Wonderland hangs by a thread!

The Queen of Hearts has a marvellous mirror that shattered today when she woke up looking at its beauty! The Queen is furious because the pieces have flown to our world, more precisely to Lisbon, and have taken several people from Wonderland with them.

The White Rabbit has been tasked with taking the repaired mirror back to the Queen, but he can’t gather all the people together on his own, so he desperately needs help!

You and your team will be able to travel the streets of Lisbon to find all the pieces and reunite all the Wonderland characters!

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Practical Info

Meeting point at Escape Hunt Lisboa. As soon as you are greeted by the Game Master and after an initial briefing about the experience, you will be given a Picnic Basket and a TABLET for this incredible adventure.

This outdoor game requires a walk of approximately 1.5 kilometres in downtown Lisbon, so comfortable footwear is recommended. Very important: this mission only lasts 90 minutes. Once the time is up, you’ll have to return to the Escape Hunt to return all the game KIT.