Portuguese Hawai

A truly Hawaiian experience

A challenge for true adventurers

We’ve brought Portugal closer to Hawaii

An activity created with the sun and the sea in mind!

At Boost we like to challenge our participants to take the office to new places and we believe there’s nothing better than a day at the beach! This is a challenge designed to give participants an electrifying day, while they carry out a range of fun beach activities proposed by us.

Will you take this opportunity?

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What is included?

Boost is responsible for the logistical organisation of all the games and activities that will take place throughout the day, subject to location and availability. This event includes activities such as stand up paddle, beach volleyball, yoga classes, a personal trainer and many other add-ons.

It’s therefore a highly customisable activity for each group!

More about this activity


The logistics of this challenge are simple: participants will be divided into teams and will be able to go through a series of exciting activities over the course of half a day!

Throughout the activity, they will always be accompanied by members of the Boost staff.

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