Who killed Santa Claus?

Remember the classic game CLUEDO? Get ready to be part of that game in the real world.

A crime on your hands

Face to face with the killer!

An immersive experience in an exciting game that combines logical reasoning, communication, argumentation skills and will result in hilarious moments.

After a warm welcome from our Watson and a brief briefing on the activity, each participant will find a bag with their name on it, filled with props, a character description (easy to read in 2 minutes) and a set of missions to be completed during the activity.

Each participant will receive a main prop and 3 secondary props (example: “The Explorer”, Mr John Wainy, a kind of Indiana Jones, will receive a whip, a hat and a fake cigarette as secondary props and a brown waistcoat as the main prop.

The characters are chosen in advance by our staff according to the personality traits of the participants (provided in advance by the client).

The missions promote interaction between participants, not just to incriminate each other, but by creating dynamics between the different characters.

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The Interrogation

A very enticing introductory speech is given by our in-house detective, “Sherlock Holmes”, who will warn all the participants that he will be questioning each of them about the crime they have committed. This moment will be a kind of theatrical briefing and the activity will begin when each participant is aware of the objectives of this event.

The interrogation will take place at various times throughout the activity, everyone will have to take part and everyone will have their own face-to-face moment with the detective.

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The Missions

In addition to the interrogation, all participants will also be assessed by our Watson on the fulfilment of the missions assigned to them (they will have 3 small objectives and 1 main objective). Participants must fulfil these missions to the best of their ability throughout the activity.

The tasks could be something like this: “put this paper in character X’s pocket and display it publicly when he’s being interrogated” or “make sure that character Y will be one of the 3 main suspects at the end of the interrogation”.

These details will add general fun to a programme where you can watch your work colleagues act like real characters from the game Cluedo.

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The Guilty and the Winner

The commitment of the participants and their ability to embody the character will be crucial to obtaining a good rating from our investigators. Sherlock and Watson will constantly assess the performance of the different characters, as well as the success of their individual missions.

The person with the worst score will be deemed guilty of the crime and the ultimate winner will be the character who has best fulfilled their missions and best played the part of their character.

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