Shark Tank

The right activity to sell your best ideas

atividade de team building shark tank

Calling all the sharks

A simple product, a brilliant idea

The perfect activity for the most enterprising participants!

Created with the TV programme Shark Tank in mind, from which it takes its name, this activity challenges participants to transform an ordinary object into an idea of genius!

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What is included?

Boost provides all the material needed to carry out this activity, as well as a set of ideas to help participants develop a truly innovative prototype.

It also provides the material needed for the participants to record a short clip publicising their inventions.

More about this activity


Throughout the activity, participants will have to go through various challenges in order to “unlock” specific materials for the construction and development of their prototype.

They must then present it in the most creative way possible to the Sharks, so that they invest in this new and evolved product!

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