Descubra os talentos escondidos da sua equipa com um jantar de Natal que é de chorar a rir

Christmas Talent Show

Talent is where you least expect it!

What if Joe from the Accounting department was the most hilarious ventriloquist ever?

What if Carla from Human Resources sang opera as Monserrat Cabellet?

From boxes of completely bonkers props and a tearful host, a healthy and irresistible competition will be launched that will create the conditions for an epic evening!

Brighten up your Christmas and that of your colleagues with a set of unforgettably crazy performances that will live long in the memory!

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The Briefing

After a warm welcome from Santa Claus and a brief briefing on the activity, each team will realise that they have 45 minutes to find the most talented elements and prepare a performance worth remembering.

The aim is simple: to create a Christmas performance, because we’re choosing the most talented elves of this festive season!

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The first performance is done by team, but not before the host has got all the elves in a panic by telling them that there are scoreboards for everyone (numbered from 1 to 10) and that the second performance – which no one knew about until then – will be worth twice as much as the first.

Then it’s time to give it all! The last performance is the final opportunity to impress your colleagues and win the competition. The team that tops the leaderboard will be the first to present their show and, once again, you vote from 1 to 10, with the host and the restaurant staff also joining in!

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The Grand Finale

After each performance, the teams’ scores will be written down on a slate in plain sight. At the end of the two performances, the accumulated scores will give the podium rankings and the three winning teams will be revealed!

But the team with the most points, the big winner of this challenge, will have to choose one of their performances to repeat, just once more, to everyone’s delight!

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